These FAQs are about the Enhanced SharePoint User Tasks Web Part product only. For any questions please use the FAQ Web Form or contact [email protected] directly.


Why we made it?

By default tasks in SharePoint can rolled up only on web site level. But often tasks are scattered over the whole site collection with various web sites. Our web parts displayes all this tasks in one list - easy to configure and use.

What's the limitation of the evaluation version?

The evaluation / shareware version shows a "Demo Version" label and the rollup is limited to 5 tasks only. The evaluation version is not time limited.

Tasks assigned to multiple users are not shown in rollup list. Why?

If tasks are assigned to multiple users, these tasks are not shown in the rollup list. This is a known limitation of the current product version caused by SharePoint query limitations.

Why my user task rollup list contains tasks with mixed languages?

If used in a multi-language SharePoint Site Collection, the Enhanced SharePoint User Tasks Web part task rollup list may contain tasks with mixed languages. For example you'll see the priority attribute in different languages.

Are personalized Web Part Properties allowed?

All Web Part Properties are stored in the shared property store.
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