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General FAQs - Layer2 Products

Read our FAQs about how to buy, intall or license our Layer2 products and learn more about benefits, improvements and new feautures.

Licensing and installation FAQs

Licensing: What is included in the annual Software Assurance (SA)?

Licence holders, who acquire Software Assurance (SA) benefit from future improvements and new features of the licensed product.

Licensing: How to activate a Layer2 product?

Activating a Layer2 product only takes 3 simple steps. No re-installation or configuration changes are required. The existing evaluation version installation of the Layer2 product is kept working.

Licensing: How Layer2 products are licensed?

​Layer2 products can be used as free Shareware Edition with limited features. For full features the products must be licensed. Please read more about licensing here.

Layer2 General Product Support Guidelines

​The Layer2 sales and tech support teams provide various levels of support and services related to the Layer2 products.

Installation: The Windows SharePoint Services Timer service is NOT started

Please check the current service state in the sytem control / services menu. If the service is disabled, then please enable it. If it's really not running, please start the service manually.

Installation: I got an error message during installation: You do NOT have permission to install and deploy sharepoint solutions

If you try to run the installer without local admin rights you may see the error message "You do NOT have permission to install and deploy sharepoint solutions" in the SharePoint solution installer.

How to Upgrade Layer2 Products?

With active Software Assurance for your Layer2 product, you can upgrade to the latest version by downloading the newest installation package. Please read more about how to upgrade your products below.
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Layer2 BDLC does exactly what it says it will do with no fuss and hassle. The recent improvements such as alerting when a list update fails make this the perfect product for connecting SharePoint to databases. Awesome.

Frank Daske

Frank Daske

Business Development Manager
+49 (0) 40 28 41 12 - 30
[email protected]

Please note that the 011 exit code must be dialed first for all international calls made from the USA, Canada and Australia.

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Partner with us as a software distributer, reseller or SharePoint, Office 365 or Azure service provider. We are offering a free Partner Program with up to 30% Discount, free NFR licenses etc. Please download for more.
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