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As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and ISV based in Hamburg (Germany), Layer2 is one of the leading providers of apps and solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure in Europe with a major focus on Data Integration, Collaborative Knowledge Management and Social Networking. Layer2 has also been known as a reliable partner to customers in Central Europe, offering additional consulting and services in the fields of SharePoint, .NET programming and IT infrastructure for more than 20 years. You will find current corporate news and press releases below.

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Leading Layer2 Solution for SharePoint External Data Integration Released with V8

For seven years the Layer2 Business Data List Connector is the easiest way to fully integrate SharePoint Server lists with 100+ corporate IT systems like SQL/ERP/CRM. Now version 8 comes with new features and even more systems to connect to.

Layer2 now connects 100+ commonly used IT systems with Twitter via its Layer2 Cloud Connector

The Layer2 Cloud Connector is now able to connect Twitter to integrate data to a wide range of IT backend systems including Office 365, SharePoint, SQL, ERP/CRM.

New Microsoft Teams Connectors: Layer2 adds 100+ typically used backend systems

​The Layer2 Cloud Connector is now able to connect to Microsoft Teams to quickly integrate more than 100 IT backend systems including local SQL, ERP/CRM.

Oracle now fully integrated with Microsoft Office 365 via Layer2 Cloud Connector

​100+ most common IT-systems and apps like SQL, ERP/CRM are supported for Oracle data integration and sync, as well as Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Dynamics, Exchange, Office Groups, and Azure.

25 years of Layer2: Technology experience in IT, cloud and on-premise data integration

​Layer2, specialist for portals based on Microsoft SharePoint technologies regarding data integration, is always up-to-date for its customers with new solutions for SharePoint and Office 365.

Layer2 Office 365 and SharePoint integration now compatible to FIPS

The newest Layer2 Cloud Connector release is compatible to the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) of the United States federal government regarding strong encryption.

Azure Logic Apps now integrate with 100+ typically used IT-Systems via Layer2 connectors

​The Layer2 Cloud Connector is now able to connect many enterprise backend systems to Microsoft Azure Logic Apps to integrate data and trigger actions.

SAP now integrated with Office 365, SharePoint, Azure, and 100+ via Layer2 Cloud Connector

​The Layer2 Cloud Connector now can be used to integrate and sync pre-selected SAP data with 100+ local and cloud-based data sources in just minutes without programming or any changes in SAP.

Layer2 Cloud Connector V7 now available with Dynamic Columns

The recently released Layer2 Cloud Connector V7 can be used to connect and sync data and files between 100+ corporate data sources and now allows to add calculations, data transformations and custom business logic via C#.

Microsoft Flow Connectors: Layer2 adds 100+ typically used backend systems like SQL/ERP/CRM

The Layer2 Cloud Connector is now able to connect to Microsoft Flow to integrate more than 100 IT backend systems including local SQL, ERP/CRM without programming.

Office 365 Groups Connectors: Layer2 adds 100+ most widely used IT-systems like SQL/ERP/CRM

​The Layer2 Cloud Connector is now available with a new Microsoft Office 365 Groups data provider to notify group members about changes in more than 100 IT systems and apps like SQL, ERP/CRM without programming.

SharePoint 2016: Next Generation Portals now available with the Layer2 Knowledge Management Suite V4

Layer2 has now released version 4 of their Knowledge Management Suite to assign consistent and accurate managed metadata to items and documents automatically in Microsoft SharePoint for better navigation, search, findability, and more.

SharePoint 2016 Data Integration

The Layer2 Business Data List Connector (BDLC) closes many gaps that still exists with Microsoft SharePoint 2016 out-of-the-box external data integration via Business Connectivity Services (BCS).

Layer2 Cloud Connector comes with SQL Queries for flexible File Server Synchronization to SharePoint Online

While file server migration, synchronization and backup via SharePoint Online comes with some limitations by default, the Layer2 Cloud Connector now offers SQL-like queries to better pre-select local documents for synchronization with the Cloud.

Layer2 released Microsoft Dynamics Data Synchronization with Office 365 and SharePoint

​The Layer2 Cloud Connector now connects Microsoft Dynamics CRM, NAV, and AX with Office 365, SharePoint, SQL and 100+ more enterprise systems and apps codelessly.

Layer2 has achieved Microsoft Gold competencies for “Collaboration & Content” and “Cloud Productivity”

Layer2 was awarded with Microsoft Gold and Silver competencies to emphasize the company’s continued dedication providing industry-leading SharePoint and Office 365 related services and products.

Layer2 Business Data List Connector V7 Released to Close Gaps with SharePoint External Data Integration

​Layer2 has announced version 7 of their top-rated Business Data List Connector (BDLC) that connects 100+ external data sources with SharePoint lists codeless and closes many gaps that still exist with out-of-the-box SharePoint external data integration.

Layer2 Cloud Connector Now Available with Version 6 to Support Microsoft Windows 10 and SharePoint 2016

The Layer2 Cloud Connector V6 now connects 100+ corporate data sources codelessly, including Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange, Dynamics, SQL, and many others.

Layer2 Cloud Connector Pro Edition Now Available With Enterprise Features To Simplify Cloud Data Integration

​Originally developed for Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 external data integration, the Layer2 Cloud Connector now allows to connect and sync almost any systems directly with each other codeless.

Layer2 Business Data List Connector for SharePoint V6 released with new Exchange Data Provider

Layer2 has announced a new version 6 of the Business Data List Connector (BDLC) that easily integrates external data with SharePoint. The connector comes with additional data providers and a new custom field mapping feature.
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We have been using the Layer2 SharePoint Business Data List Connector for several months now, and we really like it so much that we want to stick with your products.

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Microsoft SharePoint Apps: Layer2 and Ividix Partnership Announced

Layer2 announces partnership with Ividix Software Solutions to establish Ividix as a regional systems integration provider and reseller for Layer2′s SharePoint Apps.

Layer2 Delivers Term Set Glossary App for SharePoint 2013 in Newly Launched Microsoft Office App Store

The newly released Layer2 Term Set Glossary App for SharePoint 2013 helps employees to build a common corporate language and increases findability of SharePoint portal content.