Knowledge Management and Social Networking are unleashed, for real this time, with the new version of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. SharePoint 2010 now fills the big gaps in 2007, with managed taxonomies and folksonomies, expertise finding, content rating, and commenting. Enterprise Metadata Management (EMM) is a new set of features introduced with SharePoint 2010 that enable taxonomists, category managers, and administrators to create and manage terms and sets of terms across the enterprise. You can use managed metadata - a hierarchical collection of centrally managed terms that you can define - as attributes or categories for tagging items and documents. Item and document classification helps users to find the information they need much faster, it gives context to the cloud, connect users to social networks, enables a new, hierarchical way to browse the corporate knowledge – independent of the storage location. It simply saves money.

Freely available Taxonomy Metadata for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

To unlock the power of content and the enterprise value of these technologies freely available SKOS-based taxonomies - ready to import into the SharePoint Term Store as Managed Metadata - could help to successfully make a “semantic jump start”.

Those taxonomies can be imported into your existing SharePoint-based intranet, extranet, content management application, knowledge management or employee portal using the Layer2 Taxonomy Manager for SharePoint.


Fig.: Pre-defined taxonomy Metadata can be imported into SharePoint and used out-of-the-box to tag or categorise content items and documents with a well-structured company-wide vocabulary.

Make a “semantic jump start” with FREE taxonomies for SharePoint 2010

You can jump-start your Knowledge Management portal projects by using freely available SKOS-based taxonomies as a starting point:

  • Import into Term Store using the Taxonomy Manager for SharePoint
  • Create keyword columns
  • Use the columns for tagging manually (using SharePoint out-of-the-box), semi-automatically (using the Tag Suggester for SharePoint) or fully automatically (using the Auto Tagger for SharePoint)
  • Filter by tags and terms in document libraries (using SharePoint out-of-the-box)
  • Refine search results by tags (using SharePoint out-of-the-box) 
  • Use Tag Profiles to follow all portal activities regarding a given topic
  • Use the Mysite to follow your topics

SharePoint 2010 social profiles and taxonomies 

Fig.: SharePoint 2010 user profiles are connected using taxonomies and keywords to easily find peoples knowledge and experiences, ask questions and add notes.

Tag Clouds


Fig.: Taxonomies can be used in SharePoint 2010 user profiles with tag clouds to track user activities. Newly tagged items or documents of subscribed categories are listed here.

SharePoint 2010 Search for Social Tags Taxonomy Category

Fig.: In SharePoint 2010 content can be better searched and more easily found by taxonomy-based social tags that are assigned to items and documents. The additional left hand navigation feature of the SharePoint default search allows to dive deeper into the results by centrally managed taxonomy metadata. You can subscribe these search results and make it available for Windows Explorer using managed metadata based on taxonomy.

SharePoint Taxonomy Tagging with Office 2010

Fig.: SharePoint Taxonomies can be used with Office 2010 as well, to tag documents.

What is SKOS?

SKOS has been developed by the W3C Semantic Web Deployment Working Group (SWDWG) to support the use of knowledge organization systems (KOS) such as thesauri, classification schemes, subject heading lists and taxonomies within the framework of the Semantic Web. The SharePoint Taxonomy Manager supports SKOS as format for term set import and export.

Available FREE Taxonomie Metadata Packages for SharePoint 2010

 You will find a list of freely available SKOS-based taxonomies here.

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"Developing an enterprise taxonomy can take considerable time, resources, and money. Freely available taxonomies accelerates these development process."


 Download & Evaluation

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What's included in Download?

The download contains a Shareware version of the Layer2 Knowledge Management Suite for SharePoint including the Taxonomy Manager to import SKOS-based taxonomies. Additionally links are provided to freely available taxonomies for evaluation with SharePoint.

Please contact [email protected] for further information.