Layer2 Meeting Manager for SharePoint - Overview

Keeping your corporate meetings organized and moving forward with up to date information is an often difficult task. A SharePoint Meeting Workspace can help to organize date and time, ressources and attendees. You can keep everyone informed with ease, providing a uniform approach with better meetings and faster decisions. SharePoint out-of-the-box includes basic meeting life-cycle management features. Typically customer demands however go far beyond this. The Layer2 Meeting Manager for SharePoint adds this often required features as an additional Meeting Manager Workspace template, including template-based meeting minutes.

Layer2 Meeting Manager for SharePoint - Overview

SharePoint out-of-the-box provides basic meeting lifecycle management features. Typical customer requirements however go far beyond this in case of:

  • Planning for the meeting: Setting the meeting time and place using Outlook and / or SharePoint, inviting attendees, defining required and optional attendees, define the attendee role (Organizer, Attendee, Minute Taker), rescheduling notifications, tracking attendee responses, defining the agenda, collecting and providing materials that will be required during the meeting centrally managed with versioning, notifications and workflow.
  • Facilitating the meeting: Verifying attendance, following the agenda, presenting materials, recording decisions, tracking action items that are identified.
  • Post-meeting follow-up: Assure compliance (e.g. set some materials to read-only), creating and publishing post-meeting materials such as meeting minutes with custom fields, design and function, managing meeting minute approval workflow and action items workflow.

The SharePoint Meeting Manager by Layer2 adds all this features very flexible, to manage all tasks before, during and after meetings completely out-of-the-box and - if required - customer specific.

SharePoint Meeting Manager by Layer2  

Fig.: SharePoint Meeting Manager Workspace sample template with all information centrally managed on one page.

SharePoint Meeting Manager Meeting Minute Word Document  

Fig.: The SharePoint Meeting Manager meeting minute Word document is created automatically based on easily customizable WordML templates.

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It's 3rd party solutions like these that compliment SharePoint very well, enhancing the end user experience.


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