Layer2 Tag Directory Web Part for SharePoint – part of the Layer2 Knowledge Management Suite

The Layer2 Tag Directory Web Part for SharePoint can render taxonomies of managed metadata and enterprise keywords right from the SharePoint term store and also social tags as flat A-Z index directory or glossary of terms. See below for installation and setup.

Layer2 Tag Directory Web Part for SharePoint - Installation & Setup

​SharePoint Tag Directory Web Part Installation:

For installation please enter the SharePoint version folder and then the product folder in the distribution zip-file, run the installer (*.exe) and install or upgrade the product following these steps. Use the "Run as Admin" option of the context menu (right click) to start installation.


Fig.: The installer checks system pre-considerations for the Web Part installation.
Selection of Web Applications to deploy the Web Part:
Please select the desired web applications to deploy.
Fig.: Selection of web applications to deploy the web part.
 Verify installation of the SharePoint Tag Directory Web Part:
Please be sure to run the installation checker for pre-considerations and dependencies after installation is finished.
Fig.: The Installation Checker validates the installation and checks for version and service dependencies.
Activation of the SharePoint Tag Directory Web Part:
After successful installation please activate the feature on site collection level as a site collection administrator (not in site features, not in the CA).
Fig.: You can activate the Web Part as a Site Collection Feature.
Add the SharePoint Tag Directory Web Part to a page:
After activation the Web Part can be added to the page. Please find the Layer2 category of Web Parts and select. Then select the desired Web Part and content frame. To finally add the Web Part click "Add".
Fig.: To add the Web Part to any page go to page edit and select.
SharePoint Tag Directory Web Part Settings:
The Web Part has many options to customize the data source, the behaviour and the display format without any coding.
  • You can display Terms as well as Social Tags.
  • You can display all items or alternatively only items that are already applied to content as metadata.
  • You can select any Term Store, Term Group or Term Set as root node for display data.
  • You can select a static or dynamic template for output or completely customize via XSLT.
  • You can use a custom template for the index tabs.
  • You can customize the link to point to any Tag Profile page, Wiki page, custom page or directly to the content that was classified with the selected tag or term. 

Each sections has its own help address to provide more information.


 Layer2 Tag Directory Web Part for SharePoint sample settings to display all terms below the example term set
Fig.: Layer2 Tag Directory Web Part for SharePoint sample settings to display all terms below the example term set using the static template and link to items that are classified with the linked term.
Display Templates
The option "Display Template" allows a selection of different pre-configured output styles:
  • Static: All items are displayed at once for all registers (backward compatible with earlier versions).
  • Dynamic: Only items that belong to the selected tab, e.g. "A", are dislayed. This option makes especially sense for large taxonomies.
  • Custom: You can fully customize the output via XSLT based on the static template.
You can use the auto-generated links or you can fully customize the links as follows:
  • Link to the Tag Profile: http:[email protected]
  • To link to the tagged content: http://myserver/search/Pages/Results.aspx?k=SocialTagId:"@SocialTagId"
  • To link to content with assigend term: http://myserver/search/Pages/Results.aspx?k=owstaxIdMetadataAllTagsInfo:[email protected]
    Please note the 0 (Null) before the @ sign.
Fig.: Sample configuration of the Web Part that displays all terms with the term description as tooltip linked to the content, that is classified with the term.
More details and release notes you can find in our technical FAQs.
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There is no technical book without an A-Z index or glossary. Now something like that is available for your SharePoint portal as well.


 Download & Evaluation

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The Layer2 Tag Directory Web Part is also available with the Knowledge Management Suite (KMS).
For more information about licensing please check FAQs or contact [email protected] directly.
KMS was rated by Forrester Research:
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Please note that the 011 exit code must be dialed first for all international calls made from the USA, Canada and Australia.

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