Layer2 Web Parts und Erweiterungen für Microsoft SharePoint Technologie

Layer2 ist stark zusammen mit seinen Partnern – und für seine Partner. Hier finden Sie eine Übersicht ausgewählter Vertriebs- und Implementierungspartner weltweit in den jeweiligen Landessprachen.

Partnerprogramm für Layer2 SharePoint, Office 365 und Azure Produkte

Für Vertriebs- und Implementierungspartner von Layer2 Produkten bieten wir ein kostenfreies Partner-Programm mit zahlreichen Vorteilen - wie attraktive Rabatte auf Lizenzen - an. Bitte informieren Sie sich auf unseren englischsprachigen Seiten und kontaktieren Sie [email protected] für weitere Schritte.
Abb.: Ausgewählte Vertriebs- und Implementierungspartner für Layer2 Produkte für SharePoint, Office 365 und Azure in der D-A-CH Region. Alle Logos und Warenzeichen unterliegen dem Recht der jeweiligen Eigentümer.

Layer2 Vertriebs- und Implementierungspartner weltweit

Layer2 Partner Australia: 4Data

4Data’s aim is to provide your business with a complete IT solution, removing the need for you to worry about whether or not your IT system is going to let you down at a mission critical time.

Layer2 Partner Australia: AcronymIT

AcronymIT is a provider of software from many of the world’s leading software vendors and provides a browser based Software Asset Register (AboveBoard™), as its portal for centralised software management.

Layer2 Partner Australia: BlackCompass Software Pty Ltd.

BlackCompass visualizer offers easy to use, highly advanced and immersive visualization capabilities for all SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 users.

Layer2 Partner Australia: Core IT

We provide corporate IT services that address IT related challenges facing businesses. If your business needs continuous and effective IT support, contact us today for more information.

Layer2 Partner Australia: Data Capture Experts Pty Ltd.

Data Capture Experts is a Melbourne-based premier provider of business process automation solutions for organisations looking at simplifying information-intensive customer interactions.

Layer2 Partner Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand: Devworkz Pty., Ltd.

We offer both the ‘Cloud Connector’ and ‘BDLC’ as extension options to our Appbuilder Fusion product for custom Portal Application development.

Layer2 Partner Australia: GKM2 Solutions

GKM2 Solutions is a boutique Microsoft Partner firm helping small to medium enterprises transform their business with Microsoft Technologies.

Layer2 Partner Australia: Illuminance Solutions Pty Ltd

We take a holistic and objective approach to eveluate business priorities. Identify your needs and develop blueprint for project execution.

Layer2 Partner Australia: jamesdiblasi

Some of the main areas of my provided services are: - Implementation of Intranet/Extranet environments using the SharePoint platform - SharePoint Branding & Development - Integration of SharePoint and related products

Layer2 Partner Australia: LogicalTech

When we look back over the 25 years we have been in business, it's no surprise that LogicalTech has an immense vault of technology experience and product innovation to draw upon.

Layer2 Partner Australia: Myriad Technologies

Myriad Technologies is a proud Microsoft Gold Partner based in Brisbane specialising in information management, technology alignment and best practices for Microsoft SharePoint and related business management applications.

Layer2 Partner Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific: Aquion Pty Ltd.

Aquion is an IT solutions company providing products and services to meet clients' information and business management needs.

Layer2 Partner Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA: Total Calibration

Total Calibration is a boutique SharePoint Agency delivering solutions to corporate, government and NGO sector clients in Australia, New Zealand, UK and USA.

Layer2 Partner Australia: Nimbus Consulting Group

Nimbus specializes in the delivery of Mobile and Information Management solutions across the Energy asset lifecycle, from Capital Projects to Operations.

Layer2 Partner Australia: OBS

OBS is a leading Australian IT Services Company focused on helping organisations transform their business with Microsoft technologies.

Layer2 Partner Australia: Paradyne

Paradyne is Australia's leading provider of Cloud Consulting, Migration, Support & Productivity services. With over 300 Cloud Migrations and 750,000 Users we are recognised in the Cloud & IT industry for a number of highly regarded accolades.

Layer2 Partner Australia : Professional Data Kinetics Pty Ltd.

PDK is a Dell Channel Partner which enables them to deliver high quality solutions, utilising the best of breed Dell technologies, and their staff have extensive experience building and implementing these fully integrated solutions.

Layer2 Partner Australia: Redfox Corporation (Redfox)

Since Redfox was originally established in 1994, it has grown to become the go to technology service provider for cutting edge solutions.

Layer2 Partner Australia: Sharepoint Gurus

SharePoint Gurus: We help companies understand what SharePoint is (and often isn’t).

Layer2 Partner Australia: The Project Management Group (TPMG)

TPMG’s strength is delivering business critical projects and to do this we must make decisions that are appropriate to your business.

Layer2 Partner Belgium: Cegeka

Cegeka is an independent European IT services provider. The company helps its customers with IT consultancy projects, the integration of ICT infrastructure, the development and implementation of applications and outsourcing.

Layer2 Partner Belgium: Digimax

In het notariaat is de betrouwbaarheid van onze kopieer-en printapparatuur essentieel. Digimax is hiervoor reeds geruime tijd onze partner.

Layer2 Partner Belgium: GMI GROUP

GMI group is an important player in the Belgian MS Dynamics market.

Layer2 Partner Belgium: IT-Care

IT-Care nv is een professionele ICT-partner die zich onderscheidt door een servicegerichte totaalaanpak bij het uitdenken, optimaliseren en onderhouden van uw netwerkinfrastructuur.

Layer2 Partner Belgium: Orbid

Elk bedrijf heeft een doel. Deze missie jaar naar jaar waarmaken vereist de juiste focus en differentiatie t.o.v. concurrentie.

Layer2 Partner Belgium: Orditech

Orditech est une Société de Services en Ingénierie Informatique (SSII), experte dans le domaine des Nouvelles Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication (NTIC).

Layer2 Partner Belgium: SAVACO N.V.

Savaco, founded in 1991 and based in Kortrijk (Belgium), provides a wide range of powerful IT solutions and high quality services.

Layer2 Partner Brazil: Inconnect Tecnologia da Informação Ltda.

Nosso propósito é proporcionar às empresas uma experiência diferenciada do modelo tradicional, preenchendo lacunas processuais de forma rápida e objetiva, facilitando o acesso a informação e a novos recursos.

Layer2 Partner Canada: 2toLead

We work hard to support Microsoft and sometimes we speak, or keynote their conferences and events. As a Microsoft partner we are working with Microsoft to attain or have attained the following certifications.

Layer2 Partner Canada: A2B SOLUTION


Layer2 Partner Canada: Claritech Solutions Corp

We provide IT strategic planning and project management as well as a full range of services to small and medium-sized companies who are looking for a strategic technology partner.

Layer2 Partner Canada: SmartData Software & Reporting Services Inc.

SmartData Software & Reporting Services Inc. is a Microsoft Certified SharePoint, O365 & Dynamics CRM Partner providing on-site and remote business software consulting services in the Greater Vancouver area.

Layer2 Partner Canada: Talltree Communications

Talltree Communications - We are system and data integration specialists that focuses in the area of process improvement, real time data collection and seamless system integration.

Layer2 Partner Canada: Valhalla

Valhalla Consulting is a Nelson based consulting company providing a portfolio core IT services companies require to operate a successful business.

Layer2 Partner Chile: Intellego

Somos una empresa de consultoría enfocada a las aplicaciones de la Inteligencia de Negocios (Business Intelligence), apoyando la integración de personas, procesos y sistemas para generar valor a nuestros clientes.


Vivimos por el VALOR. Creemos que la honestidad y la confianza son la base de toda relación, por lo cual la construimos y promovemos en todo momento siendo éticos y transparentes con todos nuestros grupos de interés.

Layer2 Partner Denmark: Data-Larsen & Co ApS

Data-Larsen & Co ApS er en lokal IT sikkerhedsvirksomhed, der ser det som sin mission at gøre det mere enkelt for såvel private som små og mellemstore virksomheder at anvende IT løsninger.

Layer2 Partner Denmark: IT Eksperten ApS

We deliver Flexible IT Solutions to your business.

Layer2 Partner Denmark: ProActive

ProActive is the strategic partner who takes total responsibility for creating crucial business advantages with Microsoft technology.

Layer2 Partner Deutschland: akquinet AG

Als unabhängiges IT-Beratungsunternehmen haben wir uns auf die Einführung von Standardsoftware und Entwicklung von Individuallösungen sowie deren Integration spezialisiert.

Layer2 Partner Deutschland: AK System-Software

Angepasst an Ihr Unternehmen bietet AK System-Software Ihnen individuelle Datenbank und Weblösungen.

Layer2 Partner Deutschland: amexus Informationstechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Bereits seit 1992 betreut die amexus Informationstechnik als zuverlässiger Partner mittelständische und große Unternehmen in unterschiedlichen Branchen.

Layer2 Partner Deutschland: Appifex GmbH

Die Appifex GmbH wurde im Juli 2011 von den Gesellschaftern Dr. Dietmar Wolf und Dirk Prehn gegründet. Beide Gesellschafter arbeiteten gemeinsam bei einem Pharmazeutischen Unternehmen in der IT Abteilung.

Layer2 Partner Deutschland: ascendit GmbH

Bei ascendit arbeiten hochqualifizierte MCPs, um Beratung, Konzeptionierung, Projektmanagement, Entwicklung und Support auf höchstem Niveau zu ermöglichen.

Layer2 Partner Deutschland: BVKontent GmbH

Die BVKontent GmbH ist ein unabhängiges, inhabergeführtes IT-Systemhaus und eine IT-Unternehmensberatung mit dem technologischen Schwerpunkt auf Microsoft SharePoint.

Layer2 Partner Deutschland: COMPAREX AG

Mit seiner 30jährigen Markterfahrung adressiert COMPAREX öffentliche Verwaltung und Mittelstand ebenso wie Industrieunternehmen und international agierende Konzerne.

Layer2 Partner Deutschland: Compuwave GmbH

Wir bieten unseren Kunden den zentralen Zugriff auf Software jeder Art und sind damit kompetenter Ansprechpartner vieler Partner im Channel für Software-Beschaffung, Einkaufsmanagement und Lizenzberatung…

Layer2 Partner Deutschland: Die CUBE33 GmbH

Die CUBE33 GmbH betreut kleine und mittlere Kunden mit Rundum-Sorglos-Paketen zu allen Themen der IT und Telefonie.

Layer2 Partner Deutschland: Diktio GmbH

Im Rahmen unserer Projekte fokussieren wir uns dabei auf den Mittelstand, dessen individuelle Stärke wir durch unsere kundenorientierten Lösungen abseits der ausgetretenen Standardpfade festigen und ausbauen.

Layer2 Partner Deutschland: DIQA Projektmanagement GmbH

Die DIQA Projektmanagement GmbH aus Karlsruhe ist ein Hersteller von Software-Lösungen für Unternehmensportale in SharePoint und MediaWiki.

Layer2 Partner Deutschland: elbmind GmbH

Neben innovativen Lösungen im Intranet bietet elbmind kundenorientierte Trainings sowie kontextintensive Schulungen.

Layer2 Partner Deutschland: GABO mbH & Co. KG

„Die GABO ist der führende Lösungsanbieter im Bereich Geschäftsprozessoptimierung und zukünftigen IT-basierten Möglichkeiten der Zusammenarbeit im Unternehmen.

Layer2 Partner Deutschland: hartech Hart KG

Die hartech KG ist ein IT-Dienstleister und Lösungsanbieter mit den Spezialgebieten Design, Implementierung, Migration und Betrieb innovativer Server-, Desktop- und Anwendungsinfrastrukturen.

Layer2 Partner Deutschland:

Information Management Consulting ( versteht sich als ganzheitlicher Lösungsanbieter zur Optimierung IT gestützter Geschäftsprozesse klein- und mittelständischer Unternehmen (KMU).

Layer2 Partner Deutschland: IOK InterNetworking Services GmbH & Co. KG

IOK ist Ihr Partner für IP-basierte Netzwerke. Online oder Offline, Intra- oder Extranet - wir sorgen dafür, dass Sie stets sicher verbunden sind.

Layer2 Partner Deutschland: IPP SoftWorks GmbH

Unsere Arbeit ist ein kreativer Prozess, der Ihre Anforderungen in spezifische Lösungen übersetzt.

Layer2 Partner Deutschland: isamco

Zusammen mit unseren Partnern können wir Ihnen zuverlässige und höchstbelastbare Lösungen für den Mittelstand anbieten.

Layer2 Partner Deutschland: IT Competence Group

​Die IT Competence Group SE (ITC) ist eine wachstumsstarke IT-Dienstleistungsgruppe im deutschsprachigen Raum. Wir verbinden die Vorteile einer börsennotierten Unternehmensgruppe mit den Tugenden individuell und nachhaltig geführten Einheiten.

Layer2 Partner Deutschland: IT Vision Technology GmbH

Als Microsoft Gold Certified Partner liefern wir u.a. Lösungen für mittelständische Betriebe und Großunternehmen.

Layer2 Partner Deutschland: Lechtenbörger GmbH

Die Lechtenbörger GmbH berät Sie als Partner individuell und kompetent mit dem Ziel, Prozesse so effizient wie möglich zu strukturieren.

Layer2 Partner Deutschland: LINTRA Solutions GmbH

Mit dem gesammelten Wissen aus den vielen SharePoint-Projekten in der Entwicklung und Beratung bezüglich der Anwendung und Implementierung von SharePoint-Lösungen ist LINTRA eines der erfahrensten Systemhäuser in Deutschland.

Layer2 Partner Deutschland: LN-IT GmbH

Die LN-IT GmbH wurde im Jahre 2011 als Zusammenschluß von Laalak Nassiri und Dennis Fischer gegründet und hat Ihren Sitz im Nordosten von Hamburg.

Layer2 Partner Deutschland: Locatech IT Solutions GmbH

Wir bündeln die ganzheitliche Betrachtung Ihrer organisatorischen Anforderungen mit unserer Lösungskompetenz für die Microsoft-Unternehmensplattformen Office365, SharePoint und Azure.

Layer2 Partner Deutschland: novaCapta Software & Consulting GmbH

Die novaCapta Software & Consulting GmbH gestaltet seit vielen Jahren erfolgreich den Digital Workplace für den Mittelstand und Kunden im Enterprise-Segment.

Layer2 Partner Deutschland: Orescanin IT

Mit unseren Microsoft Kompetenzen realisieren wir IT Projekte bei Ihnen vor Ort (On-premise) oder stellen Ihnen dedizierte Lösungen (Microsoft Partner Hosted) bereit.

Layer2 Partner Deutschland: PDG Systemhaus GmbH

Als langjähriger Vertriebspartner von IBM, Lenovo, Oracle, Microsoft, 3CX usw. bieten wir kleinen und mittelständischen Unternehmen in Pforzheim und Umgebung professionelle IT-Dienstleistungen an.

Layer2 Partner Deutschland: SharePointPlus

SharePointPlus ist ein B2B-Marktplatz, auf dem Unternehmen SharePoint-bezogene Produkte bzw. Dienstleistungen bewerben, anbieten, vertreiben und erwerben können.

Layer2 Partner Deutschland: Redmond Integrators GmbH

Durch den konsequenten Fokus auf unsere Kernkompetenz und die enge Partnerschaft mit Microsoft verfügt unser Team über die Erfahrung aus mehr als 120 Projekten sowie über ein Leistungsspektrum, das den gesamten Einsatzbereich von SharePoint abdeckt.

Layer2 Partner Deutschland, Schweiz: SoftwareOne AG

Seit über 30 Jahren sind wir die Experten für Software-Lizenzierung. Wir kennen Ihre Bedürfnisse und sämtliche Facetten unseres Geschäfts.

​​Layer2 Partner Deutschland: ShareVision IT GmbH

Wir begleiten Menschen auf ihrem Weg der Veränderung ihrer Kommunikation und ihrer Zusammenarbeit und ermutigen sie, höhere Produktivität durch den richtigen Einsatz von Tools und Software zu erreichen.

Layer2 Partner Deutschland: SIEGER Consulting GmbH & Co. KG

Unser Beratungsansatz ist ganzheitlich und umfasst die fundierte Analyse, Entwicklung, Programmierung und kontinuierliche Weiterentwicklung einzelner Anwendungen und IT-Solutions.

Layer2 Partner Deutschland: Smarter Business Group

Smarter Business unterstützt Unternehmen bei der Einführung, Betrieb und Support von Microsoft SharePoint und entwickelt mit der Produktlinie Sharxx umfassende Branchenlösungen u.a. für das Bauwesen.

Layer2 Partner Deutschland: Solutions2Share

Solutions2Share bietet seit Oktober 2010 eigenentwickelte Softwarelösungen für die Plattform Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 / 2013 an.

Layer2 Partner Deutschland: SOLVIN

SOLVIN ist das Beratungsunternehmen mit dem Fokus auf Prozessberatung, Portfolio- und Projektmanagement. Wir stehen Ihnen bei Ihren Projekten zur Seite und beraten Sie genau da, wo Sie Unterstützung brauchen.

Layer2 Partner Deutschland: SRG - Systemhaus Ravensburg GmbH

Tätigkeitsschwerpunkt der SRG-Systemhaus GmbH ist die Be­ra­tung, Ein­füh­rung und Be­treu­ung von be­triebs­wirt­schaft­li­chen Kom­plett­sys­te­men in mit­tel­stän­di­schen Un­ter­neh­men.

Layer2 Partner Deutschland: Streitz Consult GmbH

Streitz Consult GmbH (STC) verfügt über eine langjährige Erfahrung als IT-Full-Service-Dienstleister und über die Kenntnis neuester Technologien.

Layer2 Partner Deutschland: STW Datentechnik GmbH & Co. KG

STW Datentechnik GmbH & Co. KG optimiert Unternehmensprozesse und unterstützt die gesamten Prozesse durch maßgeschneiderte Hard- und Software-Lösungen.

Layer2 Partner Deutschland: SWITCOM GmbH

Wir liefern im heutigen Zeitalter individuelle und passgenaue digitale Lösungen, um Sie bei Ihrem digitalen Wandel zu unterstützen.

Layer2 Partner Deutschland: Uniware Software Solutions

Entwicklung und Konzeption von SharePoint Farmen, Sites, Apps, Webparts und Workflows ganz nach Ihren Wünschen. Wir entwickeln mit modernsten Werkzeugen und schaffen so schnelle und robuste Lösungen zu attraktiven Preisen.

Layer2 Partner Dubai - United Arab Emirates: Data Link Computer L.L.C

Data Link Computers L.L.C is an IT company , delivering technology driven business solutions that meet the strategic objectives of our clients.

Layer2 Partner Finland: Emergem Oy Ltd.

Emergem changes the way you and your organization manages information and content, communicates, collaborates and operates.

Layer2 Partner Finland: Pilvilampi Software Oy

Pilvilampi on digitaalisen työn asiantuntija. Otamme asiakkaan Office 365 -ympäristöstä kaikki hyödyt irti ja kehitämme asiakkaan digitaalista työskentelyä Office 365 -palvelussa.

Layer2 Partner Finland: Triuvare Oy

Co-operation between Triuvare and Layer 2 is focused in products used for integration of Office 365 SharePoint Online and the customer’s own IT-infrastructure.

Layer2 Partner France: Business & Decision

Business & Decision, a global consulting and systems integration (CSI) Group, is a leader in Business Intelligence (BI) and CRM, and a major player in e-Business.

Layer2 Partner France: Censio

Censio is a dynamic, global technology consultancy working with clients to achieve greater business performance by optimising SAP technology.

Layer2 Partner France: D-Mute Network

D-MUTE-NETWORK est un agrégateur de technologies au service des métiers de ses clients. Notre offre repose sur les éléments suivants:

Layer2 Partner France: Groupe RDI

Notre notoriété repose aussi sur les multiples certifications acquises auprès des plus grands éditeurs et constructeurs informatiques.

Layer2 Partner France: OCI Informatique

Depuis plus de 30 ans, notre mission est de vous apporter des solutions personnalisées, sécurisées et efficaces qui répondent à vos attentes et améliorent votre productivité.

Layer2 Partner France: SMLB

SMLB is a French company specializing in IT purchasing-related services since 1994. Thanks to their international presence we can identify reliable partners and we have immediate visibility on their inventory.

Layer2 Partner Greece: GLOBO

The components of the Globo Group's key software revenue stream are products and services that facilitate e-business, workflow applications and content management systems as well as products and services.

Layer2 Partner Greece: Know how Consulting LTD

Know how Consulting is a customer-oriented provider of specialized IT services with extensive experience in the Greek market.

Layer2 Partner India: Synoverge

We offer transformation led business solutions to enterprises by leveraging the power of technology and optimizing client investments.

Layer2 Partner Ireland: Vital Computing

We specialize in delivering Microsoft Cloud solutions as well as on premise solutions for our clients. We provide consultancy and advice to our clients to enable them to choose the solution most appropriate to their individual needs.

Layer2 Partner Israel : E4D

Microsoft technology by professionals, for professionals. Relevant, innovative and filled with added value, just like us.

Layer2 Partner Israel: SolBox

SolBox is a leading service provider of innovative solutions designed to expand Microsoft SharePoint, maximize efficiency and enhance over-all productivity.

Layer2 Partner Italien: alpin srl gmbh

Leistungsstarke, effiziente Lösungen von alpin: Perfekt für Ihr Geschäft! Wir sind ein innovatives Unternehmen aus Südtirol mit modernsten IT Produkten und Dienstleistungen.

Layer2 Partner Italy: CloudSolutions365

​Die Vision der CloudSolutions365 KG/s.a.s ist es, der erste Ansprechpartner für Unternehmen zu sein, wenn es um den effektiven, sinnvollen und gewinnbringenden Einsatz von IT Lösungen auf Basis von Microsoft-Produkten geht.

Layer2 Partner Italy: CTS Informatica

CTS Informatica è uno studio di consulenza informatica di Milano che opera su tutto il territorio nazionale.

Layer2 Partner Italy: Ipertrade srl.

Grazie a sinergie con i principali attori dell’Information Tecnology, siamo in grado di offrirvi le soluzioni più adeguate alle vostre esigenze per operare sul web, aumentando la vostra visibilità e l’interazione con i vostri clienti.

Layer2 Partner Italy: Pentalab S.r.l.

Pentalab’s services and solutions help improve performance, productivity and sales for organizations in all industries.

Layer2 Partner Italy: Trilogik Soluzioni Informatiche S.r.l

Dover costringere un cliente, nel terzo millennio, ad adattarsi a logiche funzionali e di processo decise da persone che nella maggior parte dei casi non conoscono il settore in cui il Cliente opera, è qualcosa di superato e non più accettabile.

Layer2 Partner Luxemburg: Devoteam SA PSF

We are a major player in consulting in innovative technologies and management for businesses. Our 3,600 professionals are committed to winning the battle of the digital to our customers.

Layer2 Partner Malaysia: Dutarini

100 percent Bumiputra company focused on ICT total solution and services to meet the ever demanding and changing information technology needs.

Layer2 Partner Malaysia: V-Work

V-Work provides consultancy, solution acceleration templates and also professional services.

Layer2 Partner Mongolia: Empasoft

Empasoft Co.,Ltd. is offering custom solutions based on SharePoint platform to the enterprise customers.

Layer2 Partner Netherlands: 4i Solutions

4i Solutions has 4 mail areas in which we operate. Information of our clients is migrated to SharePoint, Integrating ERP and Exchange with SharePoint, using Internet Technology in upgrading the user interface of SharePoint.

Layer2 Partner Netherlands: Actendo

Actendo sells to all types of customer including large corporate commercial resellers, high street retailers, value add system-integrators and everything in-between.

Layer2 Partner Netherlands: BlockX

Wij begrijpen de complexiteit waarmee onze klanten dagelijks geconfronteerd worden. Wij zien het daarom als onze missie om deze complexiteit te vereenvoudigen doormiddel van slimme oplossingen en technologie.

Layer2 Partner Netherlands: Cadac Group

Since its establishment 25 years ago, Autodesk become a pioneer in the world of computer aided design (CAD). AutoCAD, the most important product, is synonymous for CAD and is a fixed element in design studios all over the world.

Layer2 Partner Netherlands: F1 Solutions B.V.

​F1 Solutions is de partner die al uw IT zaken ontzorgt. Eenvoudige oplossingen in begrijpelijke taal, wij noemen dat ‘alfa communiceren, bèta denken’. Deze unieke combinatie zorgt voor een optimaal IT product.

Layer2 Partner Netherlands: iqbs Solutions

At iqbs Solutions, we only focus on one thing: providing smart on-demand business intelligence solutions for SAP and Baan IV/Infor ERP LN users. Therefore we don’t want to be a big company; “we just want to be the best”.

Layer2 Partner Netherlands: ITIS

ITIS is voor haar klanten het aanspreekpunt voor ICT-zaken. Of het nu gaat om advies, projectmanagement, infrastructuurbeheer, applicatieontwikkeling, cloud- en/of mobiele oplossingen, we ‘ontzorgen’ volledig of op onderdelen.

Layer2 Partner Netherlands: ValueBlue BV

ValueBlue brengt met BlueDolphin de samenhang en doelmatigheid van uw ICT landschap geautomatiseerd en snel in kaart.

Layer2 Partner Netherlands: Wortell

Wortell past de nieuwste Microsoft-technologie slim toe voor uw organisatie. Daarbij geloven we sterk in de kracht van innovatie.

Layer2 Partner New Zealand: FourthMedia

FourthMedia is an interactive company specializing in the design and development of web applications and Microsoft SharePoint Development.

Layer2 Partner New Zealand: RTFM Consulting

We provide customers with superior results and create long-standing relationships that deliver exceptional IT solutions.

Layer2 Partner New Zealand: Spark Digital

At Spark Digital, we stand for enabling our customers to take advantage of the digital future.

Layer2 Partner Norway: Kontorland

AdWings er et verktoy for enkel publisering av reklame og informasjon pa skjermer. Enklere blir det ikke!

Layer2 Partner Norway: Memento IT

Som sølv partner av Microsoft tilbyr vi ekspert kompetanse på Office 365, Dynamics CRM Online og SharePoint Online. Vi har høyt sertifiserte konsulenter med mange års erfaring fra flere vellykkede prosjekter.

Layer2 Partner Norway: Serit IT Partner Møre

​Serit IT Partner Møre er et ledende kompetansemiljø innen IT-løsninger for bedriftsmarkedet i Møre og Romsdal.

Layer2 Partner Österreich: atwork information technology gmbh

atwork information technology entwickelt Unternehmens-Lösungen auf Basis der wachsenden Einsatzmöglichkeiten von Datenbank- und Internettechnologien in Business-Prozessen.

Layer2 Partner Österreich: Avanade Österreich GmbH

Wir haben die Lösungen, die Sie auf Erfolgskurs bringen – von digitalen Strategien bis zu Managed Services, von der Umstellung auf die Cloud bis zu digitalem Marketing, von ERP bis zu UCC.

Layer2 Partner Österreich: corner4 Information Technology GmbH

Corner4 bietet Softwarelösungen auf neustem Stand der Technik.

Layer2 Partner Österreich: ­free-com internet services GmbH

free-com entwirft, plant und realisiert IT-Lösungen für Unternehmen, die das volle Potenzial von Microsofts SharePoint und Dynamics AX nutzen wollen.

Layer2 Partner Österreich: smartpoint IT consulting GmbH

smartpoint ist Ihr innovativer Partner in der IT-Beratung sowie Entwicklung von Geschäftslösungen und - Prozessen mit Standorten in Linz und Wien.

Layer2 Partner Österreich: Solvion information management GmbH

Solvion sieht Projekte – neben den technologischen Herausforderungen – vor allem als Organisationsprojekte.

Layer2 Partner Pakistan: Cyber Solutions Inc.

Cyber Solutions Inc. (CSI) was incorporated in the year 2003 at Quetta. The business objectives of CSI were to provide products, services and support for Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

Layer2 Partner Rep. de Panamá: Hermec Solutions S.A.

HERMEC SOLUTIONS, S.A. es una empresa panameña con más de 10 años de experiencia y operaciones en la República de Panamá.

Layer2 Partner Peru: Torioux Group

TORIOUX Group is a solutions integrator with extensive experience in implementations of SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online.

Layer2 Partner Poland: EFFECT Sp. z o.o.

EFFECT to prywatna, niezależna firma doradczo-szkoleniowa, prowadząca od czerwca 1989 roku nieprzerwaną działalność usługową skoncentrowaną przede wszystkim na wielozakresowej współpracy z bankami...

Layer2 Partner Saudi Arabia, UAE, India: Resemble Systems

Resemble Systems is a vendor agnostic Social Collaboration Integrator, a company with local presence in India, Saudi Arabia and UAE providing IT solutions that bring Business Value to our esteemed customers

Layer2 Partner Schweiz: Acommit

Die eigenentwickelte, vollintegrierte ERP-Lösung DIAS erfeut sich bis zum heutigen Tage grosser Beliebtheit und mit Microsoft Dynamics NAV haben wir eine weitere weitverbreitete, bewährte und weltweit im Einsatz stehende Lösung in unserem Portfolio.

Layer2 Partner Schweiz: Advis AG

ADVIS hat den Durchblick, wenn es um effiziente Informationsmanagementlösungen, Portale und Fachanwendungen mit Office 365, SharePoint und .NET geht

Layer2 Partner Schweiz: bbi software ag

Als Enterprise License Provider löst bbi software ag für Kunden die weltweite Softwarebeschaffung.

Layer2 Partner Schweiz: Datalynx AG

Die Datalynx AG wurde 1996 gegründet, um das vielfältige Know-how von Spezialisten im Bereich Informatik zu bündeln.

Layer2 Partner Schweiz: IOZ AG

IOZ: Ihr Partner für SharePoint, Office 365, Microsoft Azure und Nintex

Layer2 Partner Schweiz: Keel & Frei AG

Wenn es darum geht, effiziente und kostengünstige IT-Strukturen aufzubauen oder zu stärken, dann sind wir der richtige Ansprechspartner.

Layer2 Partner Schweiz: PMI.AG

Seit der Gründung der Firma im Jahre 1992 schaut die PMI.AG auf ein stetiges und gesundes Wachstum des Kundenkreises zurück.

Layer2 Partner Schweiz: SERCON AG

Die SERCON AG ist eine der führenden IT-Netzwerkfirmen am rechten Zürichsee-Ufer, die seit 1994 umfassende Dienstleistungen in den Bereichen Beratung, Support und Security anbietet.

Layer2 Partner Singapore: PleoData Pte Ltd

PleoData Pte Ltd. is a spin-off from the Applications Division in Genesis Networks Pte Ltd. This was done so that the entity could be more software focused.

Layer2 Partner Singapur: AWC

​AWC is built on the idea of having passion towards excellence. We believe that great things are more likely to happen with the right company culture – and that doesn’t just mean flexible working hours.

Layer2 Partner Slovakia: IT & T

IT & T, s.r.o. is a dynamically developing Slovak company dedicated to IT services and solutions since 2004. The foremost part of our company is the mission to provide high quality services in the field of IT outsourcing.

Layer2 Partner South Africa: PikPak Tech

PikPak Tech is a Website Development, SharePoint Systems, Network Solutions and SEO Services Company founded by the fusion of three like-minded IT Companies.

Layer2 Partner South Africa: Titus Corporation cc

Titus Corporation cc, the leader in distribution of third party utilities, provides a broad range of software for the network administrators, business users and developers alike.

Layer2 Partner USA (Kennesaw GA): Southeastern Computer Associates (SCA)

Southeastern Computer Associates (SCA) is an IT consulting firm serving clients throughout metro-Atlanta, offering services such as technology audits, outsourced IT support, network infrastructure design, and equipment replacement.

Layer2 Partner South Korea: Feelanet

Feelanet is an enterprise systems consulting company providing Microsoft suite-based services that enable clients to maximize business value and optimize technological investments.

Layer2 Partner Spain: 365 Professional Services

Creemos en esto porque los sistemas en la nube y los conceptos de la nube representan una tendencia significativa con el potencial de aumentar la agilidad, reducir los costos y aumentar las ventajas competitivas de las empresas.

Layer2 Partner Spain: Comasis

Transformaremos radicalmente el entorno de trabajo en tu empresa a través de la implementación de herramientas que os permitan a ti y a tu equipo trabajar de manera colaborativa y eficaz.

Layer2 Partner Spain: Cxiome España S.A.

Desde 2007 Cxiome gestiona de manera integrada la infraestructura TIC de las empresas. En la actualidad Cxiome da soporte a más de 5.000 puestos de trabajo en 200 compañías.

Layer2 Partner Spain: Grupo Garatu

Grupo Garatu, based in Basque Country, Spain, offers professional technology services: Managed Cloud services from a Tier IV Gold Data Center, an advanced IoT platform as well as integral IoT and industrial IoT development etc.

Layer2 Partner Spain: Grupo Inforges

Inforges lleva más de 30 años ayudando a las pyme desarrollando proyectos globales de soluciones tecnológicas, consultoría de Organización y Formación.

Layer2 Partner Sweden: Dittcloud AB

For us to be able to support you over the Internet, you need to install TeamViewer, it’s a program available for Windows and Mac, that allows us to remotely control your computer.

Layer2 Partner Sweden: M. Svärd

I en vardag som är fylld av oväntade utmaningar och möjligheter är det viktigt att ha tillgång till rätt verktyg för effektivt samarbete. Vi hjälper dig att hitta rätt.

Layer2 Partner Sweden: NetIntegrate Sweden AB

You get help with prestudies, procurement, project for putting cloud in production and training of your users so you get increased profitability directly.

Layer2 Partner Thailand: Indigy Co.

Indigy&Customer becomes a keyword of partnership to drive business success.

Layer2 Partner Turkey: NEOVAS

NEOVAS is dedicated to 100% web based computing at all aspects, and supports private and public clouds.

Layer2 Partner USA (Secaucus NJ), UAE, South Africa, India: Microexcel Inc.

Microexcel Inc., is a leading technology services and solutions partner for global customers.

Layer2 Partner UK: BtL Communications

At BtL our objective is to provide businesses with unique solutions that suit their businesses IT and Telecoms requirements whilst lowering costs and improvLayer2 Partner UK:ing functionality and efficiency.

Layer2 Partner UK: Connect Systems

Connect Systems is a highly successfully IT support and services company, based in Chesham, Buckinghamshire. Since foundation, Connect Systems has grown considerably over the years and now trades as a Limited Liability Partnership.

Layer2 Partner UK: Doherty Associates

Doherty Associates is one of the leading IT Cloud Services and Support companies for London and the South East.

Layer2 Partner UK: ES Systems Ltd

Our aim was to provide small to medium sized businesses in the North East with quality, professionally managed IT services and support. Over the past decade, we have grown into an established, respected IT company with a formidable client base.

Layer2 Partner UK: Fidra Consulting

Fidra focuses on Microsoft based system implementation services, integration services and custom software development.

Layer2 Partner UK: Flex IT

Launched in 1998, Flex initially grew out of working as part of one of Shropshire’s largest accountancy practices, Dyke Yaxley.

Layer2 Partner UK: Frontline

Frontline is a successful IT consultancy and services company.

Layer2 Partner UK: Gelada Networks Solutions Ltd

We believe that empowering our customers to realise their organisation or business objectives is key to our combined success.

Layer2 Partner UK: InfoStrata Solutions

InfoStrata Solutions has been a Microsoft Gold partner specialising in SharePoint for the last 8 years.

Layer2 Partner UK: MindPoint

MindPoint offer a wide range of SharePoint Consulting services, helping clients use SharePoint to make their business leaner, greener and more profitable.

Layer2 Partner UK: Nviron Limited

Nviron is an established provider of IT infrastructure, networking and security solutions to organisations that demand availability integrity and security.

Layer2 Partner UK: PointSolutions

PointSolutions have been helping businesses to maximise their SharePoint investment since 2003, providing consultation, development and SharePoint based products.

Layer2 Partner UK: QBS Software

QBS Software is a renowned software reseller, providing a comprehensive range of products produced by a wide spectrum of software publishers.

Layer2 Partner UK, USA: SoftwareOne

We are the software licensing experts, and have been for more than 20 years. Our people know software licensing inside and out. We represent best-in-class software publishers.

Layer2 Partner UK: Sonal Computers

Sonal Computers are Sage and Microsoft accredited reseller partner with over 20 years continuos experience of supplying, implementing and fully supporting Sage and Microsoft solutions.

Layer2 Partner UK: Vezo Networks

We really know about IT and we benefit from over 30 years of specialist IT experience in the provision of IT support services which are cost conscious and customer focused.

Layer2 Partner UK: Wildpitch Data Services

Wildpitch Data Services offer a comprehensive range of flexible IT services for small to medium sized businesses based primarily within the Norfolk and Suffolk area.

Layer2 Partner USA (Charlotte NC): Acrowire

Instead of offering cookie-cutter solutions, Acrowire takes a personalized approach to defining solutions to help your organization succeed now and into the future.

Layer2 Partner USA (Jacksonville FL): ACTS

​ACTS is a Florida-based IT consulting firm whose experience includes enterprise consulting with distinguished Fortune 500 businesses. ACTS specializes in empowering enterprise IT operations to plan better and be proactive.

Layer2 Partner USA (Framington CT): ADNET Technologies

ADNET Technologies is a technology consulting firm with offices in Farmington, CT and Albany, NY.

Layer2 Partner USA: Advantage Business Solutions

Advantage Business Solutions is a unique company that offers a broad range of success tools and resources for companies with 5 employees to 500.

Layer2 Partner USA (Laurel MD): Aquilent

Aquilent is the recognized leader in Mobile and Digital Strategy, Web Content Management, and Cloud Computing, shaping the next generation of technology for the federal government.

Layer2 Partner USA (Lakewood CO): Bross Group

Bross Group is a premier IT consulting and staffing firm dedicated to helping clients across multiple industries with all of their IT staffing and service requirements.

Layer2 Partner USA (Arlington VA): Buchanan & Edwards

BE is an IT consulting and Professional Services firm specializing in the development and integration of technology solutions and organizational management services.

Layer2 Partner USA (Chicago IL), Canada: Softchoice Corporation

For Softchoice, being a North American Solutions and Services Provider is about one thing: building great customer relationships by making it simple for organizations to use technology to grow their success.

Layer2 Partner USA (Simi Valley CA): Coast to Coast

We carry all the leading brand name ink toner and IT supplies, as well as our exclusive Diamond Series toners.

Layer2 Partner USA (Morrisville NC): Code A Site

Since 2005, Code A Site, an IT as a service company has been delivering workforce collaboration solutions, IT advisory services and on-going support and maintenance for small to medium businesses and Enterprises.

Layer2 Partner USA (Woodstock GA), Australia, UK and Japan : ComponentSource

ComponentSource, the Definitive Source of Software Components and Tools.

Layer2 Partner USA (New York NY): Corporate Power, Inc.

​Corporate Power helps clients successfully implement the right technology decisions for their businesses. We've been doing it since 1994, and serve small and mid-size firms across a variety of industries.

Layer2 Partner USA (Norcross GA): Corus360

Corus360’s Advanced Technology Group is a team of client-focused, highly trained and experienced technical services individuals.

Layer2 Partner USA (Falls Church VA): Creative Information Technology, Inc.

For the U.S. Department of State, CITI architected, deployed, upgraded, and supported for six years one of the largest SharePoint implementations in the world.

Layer2 Partner USA (San Ramon CA), India, UK, Australia: EPM Solutions

Our mission is to simplify Microsoft Office PPM (Project Online, Project Server) adoption, and create processes and tools to extend Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (PPM) to all projects and work area.

Layer2 Partner USA (Washington DC) : Green IT Consulting, LLC

Since 2000, Green IT's leading architecture methodologies to enable workplaces that connect people to people and people to information.

Layer2 Partner USA (Escondido CA): GTC Systems

Our team of experts are not only good at what they do, but they are great people with a desire to serve.

Layer2 Partner USA: Highland Martin

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Highland Martin is a SharePoint and Office 365 VAR that has provided the highest quality document automation solutions since 2006.

Layer2 Partner USA (Oneonta NY): Information Systems Division, Inc.

Information Systems Division, Inc. founded in 1989 is a full service computer technology company that offers a vast range of solutions to meet the demands and needs of our customers’ expectations.

Layer2 Partner USA (Tempe AZ), Canada, EMEA, UK, Asia Pacific: Insight

With a complete portfolio of hardware, software and services, Insight can help your company at every stage – from planning to implementation to ongoing management.

Layer2 Partner USA (Knoxville TN): IT4E

The IT4E team brings a special combination of technical competency and exceptional communication skills to client projects.

Layer2 Partner USA (Littleton Co): KeenIM

At KeenIM, information managemetn is our passion. We understand that implementing information management solutions enxtends far beyond technology, into the very core of your business.

Layer2 Partner USA (San Diego CA): Klarinet Solutions

Klarinet Solutions is a SharePoint Professional Services organization in Southern California.

Layer2 Partner USA (New York NY): Metro CSG

Our focus is in Cloud Technology and we offer services like Microsoft Office 365 Cloud migration and Microsoft Windows Azure as well as a full range of IT support for small, medium, and enterprise businesses.

Layer2 Partner USA: P80 Net Works Inc.

P80 Net Works is a managed service provider and as such we assume ongoing responsibility for monitoring, managing and/or problem resolution for selected IT systems and functions on your behalf.

Layer2 Partner USA (Cincinnati OH): PAIT Group

PAIT Group delivers quality SharePoint solutions by forming a team tightly integrated with your organization and dedicated to your ROI.

Layer2 Partner USA: Power Consulting

Businesses rely on Power Consulting to provide a complete IT management solution. Our responsibilities include everything IT — from unlimited support to solutions, cloud strategy, and budgeting.

Layer2 Partner USA (St Louis MO): ProNet Solutions Group, LLC

ProNet Solutions Group delivers IT consulting and management expertise to help small/medium sized organizations gain a competitive advantage and obtain sustainable improvements.

Layer2 Partner USA (Williamsport PA): Real IT Care

Real IT Care is central Pennsylvania's newest and most exciting addition to the technology community.

Layer2 Partner USA (Cincinnati OH): ROI Technologies

ROI Technologies has been providing Information Technology consulting to the Cincinnati business marketplace since 1993.

Layer2 Partner USA (Pleasant Hill MO), Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East: RSM

RSM US LLP is a leading provider of audit, tax and consulting services focused on the middle market. We guide our clients through business challenges by understanding their needs and bringing together the right team to address them.

Layer2 Partner USA (Santa Clarita CA): SeDanGroup

We partner with enterprise technology vendors from around the globe. We exceed our clients expectations using the bleeding edge of what is currently available, surpasing Vertical Industry Market Trends.

Layer2 Partner USA (Somerset NJ), France, Germany, Hong Kong and UK : SHI

From software and hardware procurement to deployment planning, configuration, data center optimization, IT asset management and cloud computing, SHI offers custom IT solutions for every aspect of your environment.

Layer2 Partner USA (Randolph VT): SimplePortals

We are closely aligned with Microsoft to draw from the wealth of their resources, knowledge and experience.

Layer2 Partner USA (Randolph VT) : SimpleSharepoint

Our philosophy for service is to get the job done without any surprises in the most efficient way possible.

Layer2 Partner USA (Brunswick OH): Skynet Solutions

An industry leader in IT solutions and support services, Skynet Solutions provides the expertise, technologies and peace of mind your small business deserves.

Layer 2 Partner USA (Penn Valley CA): SP Marketplace

SP Marketplace provides SharePoint business applications and services designed specifically for the needs of small to medium organizations.

Layer2 Partner USA (Livermore CA): Sync Technologies

At Sync Technologies we strive to delver the best in Office 365 consulting services.

Layer2 Partner USA (Greenville SC): Synesis International Inc.

Our talented people apply the best technology to improve your bottom line.

Layer2 Partner USA (Boston MA): Tech Networks of Boston

We deliver help desk, remote monitoring and maintenance, staff augmentation, onsite support, training and project IT services to non-profits and businesses in greater Boston, with a focus on non-profit health care and human service providers.

Layer2 Partner USA (Cincinatti, OH): The Normandy Group

The Normandy Group has expertise in strategy, operations, organizational alignment, and enabling technology. The firm works with clients to deliver sustained growth and innovation.

Layer2 Partner USA (Tampa FL, Rochester NY, Dallas/Fort Worth TX, Atlanta GA, Los Angeles CA ): Tribridge Corporation

Tribridge is a technology services firm specializing in business applications and cloud solutions.

Layer2 Partner USA (Carlsbad CA), UK: EPM Live

EPM Live has successfully customized, integrated, automated, and deployed Enterprise Project, Portfolio and Work Management for thousands of organizations.

Layer2 Partner USA (Washington DC), UK, Middle East, Australia, India: IOTAP

IOTAP provides solutions and services to connect, communicate and collaborate with your internal and external customers, partners and peers across your organization.

Layer2 Partner USA (Alpharetta GA): Windward Data

Windward Data provides managed Services and operational support for small to medium businesses; Project management and implementation, as well as cloud services setup and migration services.
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Immer wenn wir bei unseren Kunden SharePoint mit externen Datenquellen verbinden wollen, leistet uns der Layer2 Cloud Connector die entscheidende Unterstützung um schnell und auch kosteneffizient ans Ziel zu kommen.


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Business Development Manager
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